Chapter 7 Excerpts

Business Flows Through Relationships

Relationships Are Built When You Do What You Say You Will Do
The Core Value of Integrity
Integrity is keeping commitments to others and yourself, as well as, the fortitude to adhere to your convictions in every situation. Your customer will appreciate when you show up as scheduled.

Relationships Are Built When The Job Is Done Right The First Time And Customer Expectations Are Exceeded
The Core Value Of Excellence
A customer is going to form an opinion about your firm based on the very first service.  Our philosophy while building the business has been to under promise and over deliver. Always strive to exceed customer expectations and do the job right every time.

Relationships Are Built When The Gate Is Closed After Every Visit
The Core Value Of Reliability
Experienced lawn care operators reading this will immediately concur with the level of customer sensitivity surrounding the gate. People are quick to complain when the gate is left open especially if there are pets on the property.

Relationships Are Built When You Do The Job Right On Each Visit
The Core Value Of Steadiness
You, the owner, are the model of your organization’s appearance standards, personal demeanor, conduct, work ethic, and integrity. It is unlikely your employees will adopt a higher standard than what you exhibit. You set the standard and pace.

Relationships Are Built When You Only Suggest Services That Serve A Good Purpose
The Core Value Of Honesty
As a person of integrity, your customers will come to appreciate that you only suggest services that will improve the health and appearance of their lawn. You earn their trust and confidence as they see you as having their best interests in mind.

Relationships Are Built When Customer Complaints Are Quickly Resolved
The Core Value Of Fairness
The reality is that we don’t live in a perfect world, people make mistakes. No matter how well you run your operation there will be customer complaints from time to time. As your organization grows and employees play a larger role in the operation you will experience an increased number of issues. Complaints are a given, the unknown is how you will respond to those events.

Relationships Are Built When You Do Right By Those Who Cross Your Path
The Core Value Of Trust
A man of integrity does what is just, right and fair even if no one will know the difference. To me the truest test of a man is what he does when no one is watching. It is the behavior in those invisible moments that defines the true character of a man. Treat others as you would like to be treated and treat their yard as if it was your own.