Credentials & Training

John Lane, Owner/Operator
John Lane, Owner/Operator

I do have a green thumb; it was earned the hard way with training and years of experience. For me the learning never ends.

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Credentials & Classes
Colorado Department of
Agriculture Licensed
Qualified Supervisor for
turf pest control
Commercial Applicators
License issued by the
Colorado Department
of Agriculture
Certified Irrigation Auditor
BS, Education
North Central University
Irrigation System Design
Turf Management
Basic Pruning Plants
Introduction to Soils
Waterfalls & Streams
Turf Identification
Weed ID - All Turf
Turf Insects - All Turf
Landscape Lighting
Chemical Storage
Pesticide Use Laws
Range Land Weed Control
Right of Way Weed Control
Insects of Ornamentals
Turf Weed Identification
Turf Disease
Planting Basics
Necrotic Ring Spot
Insect Pests in Trees
Insect Pests in Shrubs
Public Safety
Environment Protection
Toxicity of Chemicals
Handling of Chemicals
Pesticide Regulations
Noxious Weed Control
Biology of Composting
Pesticides & Families
West Nile Disease
Pesticides in Urban Waters
Weeds in Turf
Laws & Regs Update
Weed Management Update
Turf Diseases
Turfgrass Pests Update
Public Safety
Applicator Safety
Use of Pesticides
Pesticides Laws & Regulations 3/2/16
Pesticides and their familes 3/2/16
Pesticide Applicator Safety 3/2/16
Pesticide Public Safety 3/2/16
Environmental Protection 3/2/16
Use of Pesticides 3/2/16
Turf Pest Control 3/2/16