Lawn Care Program

The  service consists of 7 visits as follows:
5 rounds of lawn care which includes fertilization and weed control plus moisture manager in place of fertilizer on visit three.

2 Aeration applications once in the spring and again in the fall. The average size lawn in Castle Rock & Parker would fall into the 4000 square foot range.

John's Lawn Care Program Pricing

Lawn & Rock Beds Square FeetCost Per Visit
Up to 4000$95
Greater than 7500 square feet billed at time plus materials.$95/hour plus materials used

 Lawn Restoration, Spring Lawn Seeding & Turf Repair
The charge for this service is $90/Hour plus seed and soil. The minimum labor charge is $90. The cost of seed is $6/pound and topsoil is $6 per bag. Seed and soil are used as needed for repairs. The Seed is applied at the rate of 10/lbs/1000 SF to damaged areas. Aeration is used as part of the process to restore damaged areas.

Lawn Aeration
The service includes a minimum of two passes over the entire lawn surface. Slopes and damaged areas will receive additional attention. The average size lawn in Castle Rock & Parker would fall into the 4000SF range.  Two aeration visits are part of the lawn care program. We do not offer stand alone lawn aerating.

Rock Bed Long Term Weed Control
This is a separate service from the rock bed weed control which is part of John’s Complete Lawn Care Program. This application effectively prevents new weeds from germinating in the treated areas for up to 6 months.  The control materials also knock down any weeds in the target area that happen to be present at the time of application. This is an effective treatment to keep rock beds clear of weeds.

The cost of this application is billed by time and materials as follows:
$90/hour, 1 hour minimum
$6.50/gallon of applied material